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Mascot Carvings | Alaska Wood Carvings

I’m working on this scupture for a customer in Wisconsin in 20 degrees. Love it! Finshed sculpture of Bucky the Badger Some times people surprise me with their enthusiasm for the home team. In this case it was the Wisconsin badgers.  A Wisconsin fan Jim Keene was surfing the net for wood carvings. He stumbled...


Dog Carvings | Alaska Wood Carvings

Two Dog Wooden Sculptures I have carved mostly wildlife over the past couple of years. I think it is mainly because I am inspired by their mystique. I recently had someone custom order a portrait of his two pooches!  I said I had never carved a canine before but I would love the challenge of carving...


Bird Wood Carvings | Alaska Wood Carvings

Favorite Eagle Pose Bird wood carvings are prety fun to work on.  I got an order to do a approaching golden eagle carving for the Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center out there in Palmer this July. I think the guy who set me up with that job was  Keith.  Real fun.  I had a good time carving...


500 Year Old Spruce | Alaska Wood Carvings

The Orca Sculpture I carved from the 500 year old Spruce A while back I got a call from the mayor of Whittier, Ak, this little but popular tourist town in SE Alaska.  A 500 year olf tree had landed on the beach and he wanted me to turn it into something for the city. ...


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Won the People’s Choice Award for Whale Sculpture “Chainsaw Carving Competition in Seldovia, Alaska” This years contest was a blast!  6 carvers, 6 logs, a whole weekend of chainsaw mayhem!   I had just a little time to make a masterpiece and had my father Greg Anderson help me.  I had no Idea I would turn...