500 Year Old Spruce | Alaska Wood Carvings

The Orca Sculpture I carved from the 500 year old Spruce

A while back I got a call from the mayor of Whittier, Ak, this little but popular tourist town in SE Alaska.  A 500 year olf tree had landed on the beach and he wanted me to turn it into something for the city.  I could keep what I didn’t use.

Hum????  Oh yeah, and all I would be paid is the extra wood I didn’t use, and a lot of exposure.  Hum????

So I thought it over and said yes.  Why not, I thought, its not everyday you get to carve a sculpture from a 500+ year old log.

So I spent days working on this carving.  I sanded it, painted it, and came up with the picture you see on this post.  It turned out to be 9 foot tall and they placed it near the Small Boat Harbor.

Oh yeah, they gave me this small bronze plaque thanking me for my efforts.  I hung it up in my office.  Makes me feel nice every morning.

Jordan Anderson

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