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Two Dog Wooden Sculptures

I have carved mostly wildlife over the past couple of years. I think it is mainly because I am inspired by their mystique. I recently had someone custom order a portrait of his two pooches!  I said I had never carved a canine before but I would love the challenge of carving his two dogs, a Newfoundland, and an ole Lab.  I few weeks went by before I could get started.  Then I found a couple pieces of spruce that would work out perfect for the dog project.  Jeff gave me a few pictures of his dog to work with, so this definitely helped with the dog carving process.  Sometimes you never can guess what kind of carving someone is looking for.  the pictures Jeff gave me really helped me capture the feeling the dogs portrayed.   If you put your imagination to work sometimes the feeling just comes without thinking!

I suprised myself with this one, but I have the confidence to do more dog portraits and carvings!

Jordan Anderson

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