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I’m working on this scupture for a customer in Wisconsin in 20 degrees. Love it!

Finshed sculpture of Bucky the Badger

Some times people surprise me with their enthusiasm for the home team. In this case it was the Wisconsin badgers.  A Wisconsin fan Jim Keene was surfing the net for wood carvings. He stumbled across Jordan’s Custom my main website for shopping, bio, and the gallery.

He asked me if I could carve a Wisconsin badger for his porch.  I said that it would take some time for an exact copy with the scaling involved for a 4 foot Wisconsin badger, but It can be done.  He said lets do it, so I started and gave him progress photos of the wood carving in stages. I think it was a good choice to leave some of it unpainted.  “It appears that anything is possible when you put some effort into it” said Jim.  He really liked it.  I think its funny because I am a die hard Minnesota Gophers fan.  I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be doing a “badger”.  It was fun though.  It gave me a challenge for the winter.  I shipped it out to him today actually!

Jordan Anderson


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