The Right Kind of Wood for Carving for Decorating Your Home

There are several things that need to be considered when choosing the right wood to carve for home decorations. First, you need to evaluate your skill level. Some woods, though beautiful, are extremely hard to work with. Second, you need to identify the “look” you want to achieve. You may want all of the wood in your home to match, or you may have eclectic tastes. Here are some common types of wood to carve and the necessary selection information:

Basswood: This is the most common type of wood for woodcarving and by far the easiest to work with.Is this new to you? Catch up here It has a creamy white color and has few contrast lines. It is very lightweight.

Aspen: Aspen sapwood is almost identical to Basswood, though minutely harder to work with. Aspen streaked heartwood is slightly darker with even darker streaks.

Butternut: This wood is also fairly easy to carve and is light brown in color with dark brown grain patterns.

Cherry: Cherry is reddish-brown in color and significantly more difficult to carve than Basswood.

Sugar Maple: This wood is extremely hard to carve and is cream colored with dark brown grain lines.