How to Perfect the Most Popular Woodworking Projects

So, you’ve toyed with popular patterns, but don’t want to move on to harder ones just yet. You’re a perfectionist and want to make the best of the best. Here’s some ideas on how to accomplish that with some of woodworkers’ favorite patterns:

Bookcases: The best bookcase has the smoothest cut. Perfect your cutting techniques. Also, consider joint types. Rabbit joints are more sturdy than straight ones. Carving, burning, or otherwise adding decorative detail can also enhance the design.I found some more information here.

Birdhouses: Perfect cuts, appropriate joints, and the addition of detail are also a great way to perfect birdhouses. But those are not the only ways. The key to optimization for this project is identifying and researching the birds that will use them in order to create the best environment for them.

Workbenches: The quickest way to perfect this project is to create a solid frame. You need one that can be vibrated and slammed with forces equal to a jackhammer. To do this, you must start with the sturdy, top of the line materials and execute sturdy, blast-proof joints with no room for wobbling. Professional instruction can be found for free online or on TV.