Falcon Chainsaw Carvings~Anatomy of Birds | Alaska Wood Carvings

Nov 12th, 2010 by Jordan

My latest carving

I started carving raptors in Alaska carving my interpretation of eagles and ospreys. I have leaned a lot about raptors and the anatomy of Birds in recent years carving. I have seen lots of eagles carved at the competitions. Many shaped like long necked lizards, talons the size of bear paws, heads like parrots, and wings like chickens! I learned how to shape eagle heads my 4th year of carving when i discovered an eagle skull on the beach. From then on I was i little more pleased with my results.

It also helped me with anatomy when I carved other birds! Here is a carving I sculpted for Bob Detlethfs.  Its going next to his man made waterfall-pond full of trout. He also owns one of my bugling Bull Elk.  Check out more Eagle and other Carvings at JordanCarving.com

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