Bull Elk Carving~ Tap the Rookies | Alaska Wood Carvings

Nov 12th, 2010 by Jordan

Redwood Elk

A bugling bull elk in the rocky mountains is enough to bring chills up ones spine!  I have always admired bull elk as one of the most beautiful creatures on earth!  Here I have sculpted one to my liking since I was never able to harvest one myself. The most difficult part of the sculpture is deciding how to carve and mount the horns.  The horns on an Elk are very unique to the region they grow. Genetics are only to blame.  The Rockies Elk have typical horns that classically drop back at the ends. Whereas the Elk in Oregon and the Cascades curl up and fork at the ends. The elk that I carved is depicted as a Rocky Mountain Elk.  Ive only seen a handful of Elk carved out of wood with very few of which I can Identify with. So Here I decided that the world needed one done right.

-Jordan Anderson-

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