Beer Bears | Alaska Wood Carvings

I got to give my brother Jason a lot of credit. He came up with the idea years ago. We were just playing around. It was a simple idea. Take a small wood carving of a bear. Then add a bottle opener to it.

Seemed good enough. So the Spring of 2007 I tried it. It was really only originally made as a joke. A party item for me and some friends. First I made some for me and some of my friends. They loved it. One of my friends bought two from me that day for $50.00 a piece. I thought to myself, maybe I should make more…..

So I did. And guess what? People loved them. Before all my other wood carvings there was beer bears. I was selling at least three of these everyday for that whole spring and summer. It gave me the push to get going. A lot of people thought I was going to starve when I started this. Even a guy a knew for 10 years was thinking that. He told me that several weeks ago. I was laughing. I thought I was going to fail to. This was just a little experiment. I thought I was going to try this, have fun, make a little money, and then go back to working for my dad building log homes. But the beer bears sold off like crazy.

It was only after the beer bears I got into other things like benches, moose, eagles, orcas, or any other wood carving. I think its real funny the way life works out sometime. As I’m writing this I’m cracking open a cold New Castle on a beer bear right now.

Jordan Anderson

Bear Sculptures