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Welcome Bears In All Sizes Call 907-230-0812 for Pricing

I make Welcome Bears in all sizes and shapes.  The most popular size for these is two ft.  The tallest bear that a customer has ordered has been five ft.  The “welcome sign” is custom made to say whatever you wish.  These are an excellent addition to any house or business.  They can really make any entrance more appealing.  I can be reach via email at [email protected] or you can call me at 907-230-0812.  Call me for pricing and shipping quotes.

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These are some of the bear wood carvings I did this summer.  They ranged from short little bears people use to open up their bottles, called “Beer Bears”, to large 8 ft tall bears that look like they are about to lunge out at you.  Bears and moose are the most popular.  Everyone wants those.  They are nice editions to anyone’s front porch.

Jordan Anderson


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Get your mail delivered by a bear

My longtime friend Ron came to me several weeks ago with an interesting request for a wood carving.  He wanted me to make a mailbox for him in the shape of a bear.

A wooden bear for a mail box, eh?  Could be interesting.

So I worked on the bear for a whole week.  I sculpted it just the way I wanted to then the mail box took a little tweaking. It ended up turning out nice for the first “mailbox bear!”

We then dug a hole in his front yard, then filled with concrete , and put the bear sculpture on it .  It came out real cool.

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Jordan Anderon  Bird Creek, AK


I also have a bunch of other WildLife Wood Sculptures on my main webpage.