Information About the Ron Wells Carving Knife

Ron started carving caricatures in 1979. The first figure was carved with a friend’s carving knife, after which he read moraknive wood carving knife review. That night Ron did a second figure with his pocket knife. The next day he made his first carving knife and has been making them ever since. About twenty years ago Ron started teaching carving classes and selling knives to the students. The reputation of the knife grew from there and spread by word of mouth across the country.

Ron currently makes over 2000 knives a year while still carving in his spare time.

Ron Wells Carving Knife

This fine knife is ground from a power hacksaw blade which is made from molybdenum alloy steel. The handle is made of walnut harvested in the Ozarks. The handle is not polished smooth but finished with a coarse sandpaper and linseed oil which gives an excellent grip. The uniqueness of the knife is in the ease with which it slides through the wood. This is accomplished with a thin blade that gets its stability from a little extra width. The wide thin blade is excellent for flat plane carving in basswood but is praised widely by relief and chip carvers as well.

Endorsement from Leon Hoke

“As far as I’m concerned you couldn’t beat a knife from Ron Wells. I took a class at the Silver Dollar City Woodcarving Seminar in March of 1996 and the fellow next to me was using one of Ron’s knives. I bought one that year and another the next. I run into a lot of carvers in classes who are using Ron’s knives and have only heard compliments.

“The knives really keep their edge with only buffing once in a while. I particularly like the squared off handle, walnut of course. The handle makes the knife real easy to control without slipping in your hand.”