Making Your Own Wooden Dining Rom Table

Sick of paying tons of cash for cheap furniture? Well, here’s a simple outline for creating a low-cost, sturdy dining room table:

1. Research similar projects and patterns. You may decide to replicate them. But if there are not that perfectly match your desire, continue to step two.

2. Decide on the perfect dimensions for you. You will want to pinpoint your desired measurements for the surface and depth of the table top. Keep the weight of this piece in mind as heavier tops will require thicker legs and tops with more surface area may require additional legs. Calculate leg measurements.

3. Select the wood. You may find a slab of wood at a flea market, or lengths of wood at a lumber mill. Either way, you need to cut, and connect if necessary, these pieces to the dimensions of your desired table top.

4. Cut and attach the legs. The best legs have 3 sided frames with a connecting support beam. The top can then be screwed onto this piece and the screw holes can be filled with wood plugs.

5. Sand and Finish. The finishing may be done with paint and primer, or with a natural wood finish.