Bear Carvings

Aug 1st, 2011 by Jordan

I have just returned to the great state of Alaska and blew out the tranny on my chevy on the drive home from Portland Oregon. I had this Idea for an octopus carving while I was driving the Alcan and then when I arrived I had the image in my head. The hardest part about this piece was carving the suction cups on the octopus! Worked on this piece for a whole two weeks! Its my Favorite wood carving! I also have this filmed on youtube! check it out:

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Mar 5th, 2009 by Jordan

Its March right now and wintertime is still in full swing here in Alaska.  I thought this would be a great time to post items I have in inventory right now for people thinking about buying chainsaw carvings or sculptures for their home and get a jump on spring.  These are items I have in stock right now, most of them I made right before winter fully hit in October, so let me know if you are interested in anything.  The tourist season will not start for at least another month so I am more apt to negotiate right now than lets say May-September when I cannot keep anything on the lot. Call (503-739-2832) or e-mail me ([email protected])

These are some very homely “welcome bear sculptures ” that I have in inventory that you may be interested in for your porch or front yard.  All the signs in their hands can be customized to say anything or you can pick for a list of pre-made ones.  2″  Bears $200  3″ Bears $450  4″ Bears $600

I have a lot of these “bear bears” right now.  I love these things.  They always make an instant hit at any party.  Every guy should have one.  I make these bear bears in almost every size imaginable.  $120  $160 w/shipping

I have several moose wood carvings that I have already made.  I try to make as many funny ones as possible as that’s what most people like.  This is a goofy moose sculpture I made in the fall not too long before the snow hit.  I call this one the “rum keg happy moose” and it has red cedar horns. $750

I have many different types of welcome moose carvings as well.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  I have some smiling and some more realistic.  Again, all the signs can be customized to say whatever you want.  Prices range from $90 for the 1″ to $450 for the 4″.

This is an Orca whale carving that sits on a wall.  I usually make these in sizes 2″ or 4″ but I can carve any size anyone wants.  This is one of my favorites.  $400-$700

I do not get a lot of orders for this one,  its sort of a niche item, but I love to make these.  I have one of these right now.  Its a wall mount sea otter wood carving.  I got this idea at the harbor in Homer, AK where there is an older otter that the locals call “Papa”  Do not know who was the first to name him that but it stuck.  This was my tribute to him.  $450 with starfish or clam

Loved making this.  I made this whale sculpture from Alaska spruce wood.  Took several days to carve, sand, and paint but it came out extremely well.  I have one of these in my gallery right now.  Let me know if you are interested in this one.  This is another semi niche item that I got an order on over the summer and then made another one…this one.  I have had a lot of interest in it but no one has bought it.  If you are interested I will give you a fairy decent price on it compared to what I wanted to sell it for in August.  $1500

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.  I welcome all sorts of suggestions and questions about my work, pricing, shipping, wood, wildlife, fishing, you name it.  I love customers that really get into it and are enthusiastic about my work.

This year I plan to be attending several chainsaw carving competions in the summer.  One of the ones I am anticipating the most is chainsaw contest in Seldovia, AK which happens to be close to Homer and one of the best fishing spots in Alaska.  There are several in Oregon I plan on going on as well.  I have been training a lot lately.

Though I consider myself a wildlife specialist I am challenging myself by carving humans now.  Its totally different.  I know animals, I study them (22 years of being a die hard hunter), I draw them, there isn’t anything I do not know or understand about a bear or moose, including all their shapes and hidden curves.  I know how they react, think, and move.  Humans are different.  And everyone knows what they look like.  You carve a female sculpture and get one line out of place and people see that.  You make her lips crocked or her arms not proportioned then people notice that.  I have to change my whole perception.


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Jan 17th, 2009 by Jordan

My longtime friend Ron came to me several weeks ago with an interesting request for a wood carving.  He wanted me to make a mailbox for him in the shape of a bear.

A wooden bear for a mail box, eh?  Could be interesting.

So I worked on the bear for a whole week.  I sculpted it just the way I wanted to then the mail box took a little tweaking. It ended up turning out nice for the first “mailbox bear!”

We then dug a hole in his front yard, then filled with concrete , and put the bear sculpture on it .  It came out real cool.

Contact Info:


I also have a bunch of other WildLife Wood Sculptures on my main webpage.

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Jan 15th, 2009 by Jordan

This is one of my favorite wood carvings to make.  Its a climbing bear.  I made this bear carving for a guy that lives in Indian down the street from us.  He loved it.

Peter is the guy who owns the Wild berry Products here in Anchorage.  Its a popular tourist destination in the city.  He has this huge chocolate fountain at his store  a big hit in the summer. Really fun guy to be around.  Anyway, I made him this bear to put in front of his parking lot.  He loved it.  He’s a big bear fan.  Peter has wooden bear carvings all over the front of his store.  This one can be seen in front of the parking lot scratching its back on a post. We even put an information sign right by it.

Jordan Anderson


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Jan 11th, 2009 by Jordan

I grew up in small town in Minnesota located on Lake Pokegama where I quickly learned to appreciate the wonders of nature by fishing, hunting, and camping in the Northland.

While at home after the hunting and fishing season I would reflect my experiences a field by sketching wildlife such as deer, bears, eagles, fish, wolfs, and others.  At age 11 I went on my first trip to Alaska with my family and friends.  This was a special trip because I always wanted to see Alaskan wildlife up close.

On my first halibut fishing trip I observed a pod of Orca Whales about 15 of them swimming alongside the boat, and a few breaching humpbacks.  I had never seen anything as amazing.  I gained a new appreciation for God’s creation that day.  I then begin to put my imagination for whales on a sketchpad.  Though my sketching was enjoyable I lost my enthusiasm for artwork at age 16.

I still sketched on occasion but only once a year until our family had moved to Alaska later on in life.  I worked most of my childhood building custom log homes with my father.  Even though I did not share the enthusiasm for building logs homes that my father had, I still had learned the art of handling a chainsaw.

Later I met a guy who carved bears with a chainsaw.  I thought to myself at the time, “I know how to use a chainsaw, why not try to carve Alaska wildlife?”

A few wood chips later I had my first wood carving.  It was an Orca Whale wood carving 14 foot long and 3 ft thick.  Its still my largest wood carving to date.  I carved a few more wood sculptures, then I had a month to display my work at a popular coffee shop in Anchorage.

A couple from Wasilla, Ak was interested in my work and wanted me to carve a couple of bear carving for them.  These were my first custom sculpture orders.  I then started my custom sculpture and chainsaw carving business called Jordan’s Custom Sculptures.

In the past couple years I have carved many unique pieces for people to fit their needs.  I have done everything from bears holding custom signs, elaborate benches, to interior wall carvings.  From exterior landmark sculptures to community art projects.  Dog portraits, sealife carvings, and sports mascots, I have just about done it all.

I never imagined all of that but now “your immagination can become a beautiful reality,” at Jordan’s Custom Sculptures.

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