Carving Competition

Jan 3rd, 2011 by Jordan

Me and another fellow carver Terry Klein were talking one day and he mentioned to me that he got a call from the store manager at one of the local Home Depots.  Apparently, he was interested in us doing some carving in front of the store to draw attention to it. We talked about it and decided on a three day event that would take place in Oregon City at one of the stores there. We formulated a show where we could sell small sculptures and carve for the three day event.  Home Depot was a real sport about everything; they delivered the logs for us and set up an area to carve right in front of the store .  Not only was it great advertising but I sold out of half my carvings I made. The show each day lasted from 9AM to 5PM with a one hour quick carve where I would sculpt in front of people bears, eagles, moose, etc.  Overall, I have a really fun time and thought the show was a success.

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May 29th, 2009 by Jordan

“Chainsaw Carving Competition in Seldovia, Alaska” This years contest was a blast!  6 carvers, 6 logs, a whole weekend of chainsaw mayhem!   I had just a little time to make a masterpiece and had my father Greg Anderson help me.  I had no Idea I would turn out my best sculpture to date.   I will be making a scale model of this carving out of spruce the same size as soon as I get the wood for it.  You can see the progress of this sculpture at my workplace in Indian Alaska.  It will be up for sale for $7000.  I also make whales of various sizes and poses.

The log-

Once all the carvers were done drawing logs for the competition, I knew that my piece was going to be special, but had no idea how beautiful! I started with the calf humpback whale then the mother whale. I had a lot of wood left to make a pretty decent splash or wave. “There was just something missing” I thought.   The next morning which was day 2 of the contest, I saw a Sea Otter pop out of the water next to a Seagul then I thought that is what I can do with the extra wood I have left “Sea Birds”.  I started thinking about past experiences on the water and the variety of  winged life that are native to Alaska in the summer.   The two birds I never had seen carved before are what I decided to sculpt a flying Comerant and Seagul propeling themselves away from the giagantic Humpback Whales! I then shaped the fins on the Whales to make it look like they are trying to fly as well.  Hence the theme I came up with “Flying Sea”.Continue Reading »