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Orca Wood Carving

I made this wood sculpture for man in Anchor Point.  He’s a big whale lover and when he drove by all the sea life wood sculptures at my place.

He wanted a large whale so I proposed an Orca wood sculpture.  He liked the idea and I spent three days making the carving. It was 7 ft tall.

He really loved it.  I am curious to know where he put it.  I don’t know if he put the Orca carving in her front yard, house, or back deck.

I do know he told all friends about it and one of them ordered a smaller whale from me.

I love carving whales.  They are my favorate for some reason.  It was one of the first  Orca wood sculptures I carved.

This humpback sculpture was done in 2007, and has found its home in Kodiak Island on a local residents’ property.

Jordan Anderon

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