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The only reason why I am writing this brief post is because I have had tons of e-mails and phone calls of people telling me they looked all over my site for my contact info.  I thought I put it in enough places.  I don’t want to put it too many places as this is my blog about carving and not my Jordans Custom Sales Site.  You can go there if you want prices.

But for all the people who want to know here is my contact info:

Here is my contact info

Jordan Anderson (Bird Creek, Alaska)


[email protected]

Give me a ring if you want to ask me about a certain carving you want done, if you are curious about prices, or if you just need to talk 2009 January | Alaska Wood Carvings

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Get your mail delivered by a bear

My longtime friend Ron came to me several weeks ago with an interesting request for a wood carving.  He wanted me to make a mailbox for him in the shape of a bear.

A wooden bear for a mail box, eh?  Could be interesting.

So I worked on the bear for a whole week.  I sculpted it just the way I wanted to then the mail box took a little tweaking. It ended up turning out nice for the first “mailbox bear!”

We then dug a hole in his front yard, then filled with concrete , and put the bear sculpture on it .  It came out real cool.

Contact Info:

Jordan Anderon  Bird Creek, AK


I also have a bunch of other WildLife Wood Sculptures on my main webpage.

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Orca Wood Carving

I made this wood sculpture for man in Anchor Point.  He’s a big whale lover and when he drove by all the sea life wood sculptures at my place.

He wanted a large whale so I proposed an Orca wood sculpture.  He liked the idea and I spent three days making the carving. It was 7 ft tall.

He really loved it.  I am curious to know where he put it.  I don’t know if he put the Orca carving in her front yard, house, or back deck.

I do know he told all friends about it and one of them ordered a smaller whale from me.

I love carving whales.  They are my favorate for some reason.  It was one of the first  Orca wood sculptures I carved.

This humpback sculpture was done in 2007, and has found its home in Kodiak Island on a local residents’ property.

Jordan Anderon

Jordan’s Custom Orca Whale Main Page