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Have you ever observed a climbing bear before. You will almost always see one near mile marker 100 of the Seward Highway. In Bird Creek, AK at ”Jordan’s Custom Sculptures” you can find wooden bears climbing trees all around.  You can custom order one of these cute cuddly climbing bears from me in just about any size you want.  All I need you to do is measure the width of the tree and send me the information. I will make any climbing bear to fit your personal needs.  These usually come in two sizes as pictured, or you could have me do any commission project you can think of.  The stock climbing bears come in two sizes 2′ for $220 and 3′ for $450. for more sculptures check out www.jordanscustom.com or call 907-230-0812 EMAIL: [email protected]

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Starts Out as Just a Wood Block

Carving after Several Hours

Carvings Almost Finished

“Inlet Motion” Completed

It all started with my first Alaskan fishing trip in Cook Inlet.  We had a beautiful sunny day and wildlife all around not to mention a Great catch of salmon and halibut. The thing that stood out on this trip were all the Beautiful humpback whales putting on a show for the whole crew!  In one particular area we found a lot of them breaching out of the water. A mother and calf Humpback were taking turns rolling on the surface slapping the water with their fins, then breaching as if they were competing on who could jump the highest! I have a little video to show how I got my inspiration to carve this new piece “Inlet Motion”.  Whenever you’re watching humpbacks you realize that the ocean always has an ongoing beautiful motion and life cycle! This is a very Heartfelt peace for me since the ocean and carving humpback whales are my passion. There is nothing like my Humpback whales and I strive to keep it that way. Check it out- “Inlet Motion”!

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